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Another Music Platform

Welcome to AMP.

We are another music platform for Independent Artists globally.

We recognise that many of today's creative musicians, lyricist and vocalist are not being heard due to the millions of SOUNDS streaming the various networks.

By growing our membership and creating new opportunities we hope to encourage people back to smaller venues.

If you have an interest in the Entertainment Industry, appreciate music,work in it, know someone who does or just enjoy busking please share and help us grow their audience 

We welcome music from dedicated musicians from all genres globally, who meet our standards and conditions.

Membership is free as we are funded by third parties on this site through audience participation.

We require your email address to send you limited updates.

We will not divulge your information to any third party.



Musicians please register here to submit your music.
All genres are welcome.
We use environment friendly pictures on our site to encourage appreciation of our beautiful planet.
Post your pictures on our Blog.
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