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About Us

We do not post videos, photographs or personal data of our artists. Our artists and audience experience a variety of genres and we appreciate the diverse selection of music. We encourage the support of local artists, regeneration and stimulation of Performing Arts Societies, Colleges, Schools, Clubs and community Venues,We believe that Performing Arts Societies and Education Institutions stimulate talent, build character, nurture skills, encourage social values and create jobs. More so through music. The Industry is one of the worlds largest employers and producers the largest amount of product.

We believe that some of the wealth created from within the music industry could contribute toward the social upliftment of all peoples and the environment. We use Environmental images to encourage our collective responsibility of protecting our planet. We want to contribute to environmental rehabilitation and the stimulation of the Arts.

There are many talented people globally who deserve to be heard. By removing the video factor we hope to encourage more artists to participate. We appreciate that not all musicians will necessarily write their own songs, but we hope to give the ones who do a platform apart from the millions of "covers" played daily on other platforms.


Our playlist will always only host Ten songs. Our archive will have a maximum of 500 songs, all of which will remain in the positions they have achieved, until they are numerically replaced and eventually removed from all Playlists. Removal does not reflect on the artist’s talent, it merely gives others a chance. All songs should have a playlist life of at least one month. So if you like a song, download it before it is removed.


Because of the varied genre on our playlist, we realise that not all the songs will be to everyone's taste, we therefore encourage you to take the time to listen to all the songs. Once you have heard the playlist you may pick your favourites and only listen to new songs as and when we update.


We welcome musicians from all genres internationally.

Music lovers of all ages are welcome.

Songs containing abusive, derogatory or discriminatory language about vulnerable person's, religions, race, gender, sexual orientation, or minorities will be REJECTED.

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