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  • Alex Hesquar

Why ?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Free membership, especially for the first one million subscribers. Well, that's the amount of audience we would like our artist to perform to. Most artist today appear on the BIG sites, and are never heard. We would like to give these artist an opportunity. Well, you might say, if they not good enough, that's their problem.

How many songs played over and over again on the radio, until you get so use to it that you start enjoying and appreciating the lyrics and the artist.

I play our songs everyday, and to be honest, they compare favourably to any radio playlist.

So, what do we need from you? We need you to listen to our playlist, read our about page and recommend our site to friends and family. This also applies to our artist.

Any comments about the site or our artist will be appreciated.

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We mean it, free membership forever so support our independent artist. The only way this site can go viral is if you all share and recommend it