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Anybody go to the 60's festival

As some of you will know I went to Butlins in Skegness for a Sixties weekend. No, not for people over 60 only but rather the music of the 1960's. What a wonderful surprise, people were polite, friendly and very knowledgeable musically. Whilst there I couldn't help but think about the privileged youth I had and was still enjoying. Who would've thought that fifty years later I would see the original Hermans Hermits perform their 23 number one hits live. Even if they were all in their seventies they were brilliant. Unfortunately Herman was the only band member not there but the other guys carried the vocals very well.

So I asked myself what has happened to the vibrant entertainment industry that created millions of skills, jobs and thousands of wealthy celebrities.

Unlike the movie industry where entrepreneurs broke away from the moguls the music industry seems to have created three or four moguls who now hold the power and dictate who and what we listen to. I hope my website https://www.masqparade.com will contribute to the enhancement of the Indie Artist.

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