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Legends for Sale

Music and music legends. Being a 1950's baby you can understand why I would support any artist from that era. Having said that I personally supported most of them and have probably lost or given many albums away due to various circumstances. I do however have a 250k HD drive that has most of the artist or bands on it from that era. So it really surprised me when I visited our biggest music retail store and found that at least one third of the products were Legends and mostly dead legends. Artist like ELVIS, NAT KING COLE, ARETHA FRANKLIN, JIM REEVES, DAVID BOWIE, FREDDIE MERCURY and many more on sale for £2 an album. Why ???? Surely these personalities have earned more than their retirement money, do they really need more or have they blown their millions. As they are not in a position to make decisions on their products I believe that either family or major record companies are still cashing in on these lucrative products. Yes they were and are great but where are the younger and new artists of today. Is it time to take back the industry and ensure a future for our youth and new talent?

I just love good music
Alexander Hesquar

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