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  • Alex Hesquar

Team Work

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

My personal experience in the Entertainment Industry, is that team work is absolutely one of the basic essentials for bringing a writers creations to life. The amount of people, required to do this is absolutely phenomenal. From Director to cleaner, every person involved is essential to a production. No one person is greater than the whole, though some are regarded as more essential.

But in reality, outside of an opportunity to participate in bringing a script or a piece of music to life, we are very much a bunch of individuals, each hustling for the next gig.

Covid 19 has unhappily thrown us all into the same whirlpool and we are reaching from the centre as individuals instead of grasping hands to reach the side and pull ourselves out of this swirling storm.

All productions need one more, most important ingredient to make it work.

An Audience, which no Producer, Director, Actor, Musician, Production Staff or Venue can do without.

Yet we continue as individuals to feed the "AUDREY" in the room and overlook the greater need, which currently looks seriously devastating.

We at Masqparade have joined forces with Amazon and have dedicated 80% of all income recieved via Amazon to venues. Saving in house jobs so that they can continue to provide an environment in which Actors, Musicians and various creative arts can perform is a priority.

To achieve the above we will need a larger audience.

Please join and share our one million free membership campaign now and help us help each other.


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