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Welcome to our new members

A big welcome to all our new members.

You may have noticed that our playlist hasn't changed.

This is being done deliberately too encourage our current members to

access the site in their own time and take the opportunity to listen to

all our playlist songs and not just the first two songs.

As one of my artist noted, "the audience don't want to scroll"

But the audience does not have to, the playlist scrolls itself with the

option to pause a song if not to your choice and move onto the next one.

I realise that due to our Global publishing not all the songs will appeal

to everyone. The purpose of the site is to provide the artist with a

platform where their audience can find them, hence the limited playlist.

We have various genre with good vocalist and some very good instrumental

talent. Especially songs like 'THE WALL' a metal number from Brazil, 'Exodus'

a Gospel number from South Africa and 'Recognise Me' from France.

I would encourage you to take the time to listen to these artists and be one

one of the first to create new LEGENDS.

Have a good day


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